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M&E Partners monetizes assets throughout various sectors, utilizing a strategic and customized approach which delivers better returns for our clients than traditional competitive methodology.

Monetize Construction Assets


Construction assets typically involve a high volume of yellow iron regardless of the actual color of the heavy equipment. M&E Partners is an industry leading authority in construction.

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Monetize Energy Assets


Energy service companies are one of M&E Partners areas of interest, as these companies will traditionally have significant investments in a highly specialized fleet.

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Monetize Transportation Assets


Transportation assets vary across all sectors of industry. At M&E Partners, we can monetize transportation fleets of varying sizes through an extensive global network.

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Machinery & Equipment Experts

We can deliver results because our team is comprised of acknowledged specialists in each vertical niche of industry areas. Our competition has a bulk sale approach which often will produce diluted results.

M&E Partners’ execution capacity is directly related to the ability of our industry experts to ascertain value in the global arena. We have a team of talented operational, marketing, and administrative staff members, all of whom perform up to the highest professional standards for a live auction, private treaty, or sealed bid sales.

M&E will also make outright purchases for our clients who desire immediate monetization in an expeditious manner.


At M&E, We Provide Capital Infusions to Enterprises

M&E Partners has aligned itself with going-concern operators who can provide restructuring oversight and capital infusions to businesses which have more value as an operating enterprise. Our ability to stretch their financial runways and realign their resources has been shown to have considerable value in strained markets.

Partners in stabilizing and revitalizing corporate value with the following organizations:

Our strategy will frequently involve some level of financial investment from our own company, in order to offset the client’s risk, and to guarantee a favorable outcome.

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