On-Site Inspections

Gathering a report is the ideal solution whether buying or selling an asset. In partnership with PRO Inspected, M&E Partners gathers data and performs a critical inspection to insure the condition of assets. With PRO Inspected, we can service the company that needs to monitor inventory before liquidating assets or the potential buyer who needs a representative to inspect an asset pre-purchase. The neutrality of a third party company insures there are no conflicts of interest throughout the process.

By fusing technological innovation with decades of experience PRO Inspected has developed a streamlined process with unmatched customer support. Our providers will submit professional quality photos along with a condition report to ensure that the asset is exactly as described. The condition report will include all the vital information in addition to an overall assessment of the asset. We can tailor the condition report to the needs of the customer.

Any Asset | Anytime | Anywhere

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